Working Effectively With Oracle Support - Best Practices (Doc ID 166650.1)

Working Effectively With Oracle Support - Best Practices (Doc ID 166650.1)

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Working Effectively with Oracle Support

Working Effectively with Support Best Practices

Working Effectively with Support is a foundational module within the Oracle Support Essentials Series, Doc 553747.1, designed to improve your knowledge and use of My Oracle Support’s features and functionality.

Learn to increase productivity with time-saving tips and best practices; maximize the health and availability of your software and systems through proactive tools and diagnostics; and leverage insights and skills you gain to optimize your support experience. Oracle Cloud and MICROS (Hospitality & Retail) users have tailored offerings targeted to their requirements, too (see below).

You can access Working Effectively with Support content in various formats to best meet your learning needs. Review and reference the information in this document; attend a live webcast; watch a recorded session; or download a PDF of the webcast content – the choice is yours.

The Oracle Support Essentials series is included at no additional charge as part of your Oracle Premier Support contract. Select an option below to learn more and register for a live Working Effectively with Support webcast:

Also, don’t forget to check out this brief overview (infographic): Working Effectively with Support